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Have you discovered the benefits of turf instant lawns and want to share them with the world? We don’t blame you! Our clients consistently rave about all the great things that our instant lawns have to offer, because really, what isn’t to love? They are drought resistant, shade resistant, low-maintenance, beautiful all year round, give off a natural appearance, feel soft and plush under your feet, last for years to come, and so much more. Pets and children alike love to play on this lawn, and they’re ideal for both commercial and residential properties!

In short, you really can’t go wrong with turf installation. That’s why we’re eager to help share the benefits of this high-quality lawn alternative through turf supply for trade. At D&V Turf Supplies, we proudly offer wholesale turf supply to spread the availability of wholesale turf in Sydney.

Instant Lawns: What’s All the Hype About?

Are you considering investing in wholesale turf in Sydney but wondering if it’s a sound business plan? Our clients love the benefits that come with turf lawns, both for residential and commercial purposes. Here are some of the best reasons that wholesale turf supply in Sydney is a good idea!

Up for the Challenge

If anything is up for battling against the harsh Australian climate, it’s our high-quality turf solutions here at D&V Turf Supplies. We only back the strongest and most resilient types of turf to provide to our clients, both for those we complete installations for and in our wholesale sales. We don’t trust anything else to stand up against Sydney’s environment!

Versatile for Any Setting

You can’t beat the versatility of turf – it’s suitable for both a residential and commercial setting, meaning that there is a wide range of clientele to target. Homeowners and business owners alike are interested in increasing their property value, and a high-quality turf installation certainly isn’t a bad way to do it!

Good for the Whole Family

Suitable for any type of home – whether you have kids or pets – turf is certain to please the whole family. It’s the type of soft, plush greenery you can lay out in, unlike the hard, rough, itchy ground you’ll often find from grass. Kids and pets alike will be happy to roll around and play on it – making it an option that everyone will love!

Year-Round Natural-Looking Beauty

Everyone loves the look of a natural looking and well-kept lawn. With turf, you can have that all year round, without the effort of maintaining natural grass. Our turf looks natural and stays that way for years to come – without needing access to a lot of water, mowing, and so on.

Order Today!

AT D&V Turf Supplies, we proudly accept wholesale orders for our turf supplies. If you are interested in spreading the benefits of turf to more homes and commercial properties, then get in touch with us today to place your order! You can do so by submitting an inquiry or quote request on our website or phoning us on 02-4776-2761 to get started!


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