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Wintergreen Couch Turf Penrith

Wintergreen Couch Turf: Golf Course Ready, Child-Approved

If you want to walk out of your home and onto a plush green carpet, Wintergreen Couch is the turf for you. This lush and dense variety of grass, is perfect for child’s play, breaking any fall with a soft landing.

Wintergreen Couch turf in Sydney is a popular choice for homeowners as it gives any lawn a well-kept manicured appearance. A light green grass with fine leaves, this variant resembles Green Leas Park Couch, except it forms a much thicker matt, making it look fuller and giving it a softer touch.

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Wintergreen Couch Overview

  • Low maintenance, manicured appearance
  • Exceptionally soft, making it a great option for children’s play
  • Lush and dense
  • Tolerant to light to medium shade
  • Prone to thatch


Advantages of Wintergreen Couch

Soft to the touch and a beautiful light green hue, Wintergreen Couch can breathe life into any yard, transforming it into a lush pasture. In fact, Wintergreen Couch is so popular for its manicured appearance and soft texture, that many golf courses across Sydney, and Australia as a whole, use this grass variety in their fields.

For those who have children, Wintergreen Couch is also a popular option, promoting safer outdoor play. While some grass varieties have sharp leaves that can cause rashes, Wintergreen Couch has fine, soft leaves that grow in dense mattes. This spongy texture can be perfect for child’s play, whether it be rolling around in the grass or taking first steps.


Disadvantages of Wintergreen Couch

While this grass’s tendency to grow into dense matt’s offers the advantage of a soft, plush texture, it can also serve as a disadvantage due to its tendency to thatch. Thatched grass creates a spongy feeling, as organic debris accumulates between the grass and soil. While some thatch is normal, too much of it can create problems for your lawn, preventing your grass from getting a healthy amount of water and nutrients. This issue, however, can be eliminated with regular maintenance.


Is Wintergreen Couch Right for You?

If you’re considering Wintergreen Couch in Sydney, we offer free quotes and expert consultations to determine whether this variety of grass is the right fit for your yard. In genial, however, if a soft texture and lush appearance is a priority for you, Wintergreen Couch could be the perfect match. Those with young children, in particular, can benefit from having this type of turf in their lawns.


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Many homeowners in the area swear by Wintergreen Couch, claiming it gave their lawns a sophisticated appeal. If you’re ready to invest in that golf-course look and feel, contact us today for a free quote by filling out the form below or calling us on 02-4776-2761!

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