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Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Penrith

We grow a variety of turfs at our farm in Penrith, but little is as low maintenance and people-friendly as the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf. This turf is a popular option due to its low startup cost and continuously easy (and low budget) maintenance requirements.

Some of our favourite qualities about this turf are that it is:

  • Hard wearing
  • Shade resistant
  • Pet-friendly
  • Soft to touch

This premium turf is 100% Australian and shows it with its very durable nature while also being able to remain soft all year round.


Hard Wearing

Whether its facing shade or drought seasons, this strong turf can handle it. This turf possesses self-repairing qualities that allow it to remain strong with very little maintenance. Its dense growth gives it a strong natural look no matter what season it may be, and with proper care, it will retain its vibrant colour all year round. This type of turf is very consistent and disease-resistant, making it a great choice for a new lawn in both domestic and commercial areas.


Shade Resistant

This turf has a wider grass blade, allowing it to tolerate more shade than other varieties. This additional shade tolerance allows you to confidently install it anywhere you like in your lawn or garden. This turf also performs well under direct sunlight, so no need to worry about that either.



This roll on grass plays well with pet thanks to its strong base, allowing it to resist any wear and tear that might come as a result of playful pets running around and doing their business. This healthy turf can hold its ground when faced with a playful pet that enjoys playing and rolling around in the grass. Pets across Sydney will be loving this turf as much as you do.


Soft to Touch

With Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Sydney, homeowners no longer need to fear to come in contact with rough, dry instant lawn when stepping outside barefoot. This lush turf is tough enough to handle use and a lot of foot traffic while also providing a dense cushion making it soft and safe enough for children.

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf is one of the highest ranking turf options out there, coming out on top in almost every category including wear resistance, shade tolerance, low maintenance, drought tolerance, winter colour, cost-effectiveness, and overall look. The strong disease-resistance quality of this turf is also a huge plus when it comes to maintenance and aesthetics because nobody likes taking care of (or even seeing) unhealthy grass.

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