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Kikuyu Turf: Invest in Green Pastures All Year Long

From daily little-league scrimmages to backyard BBQs, to pets running amok—lawns can fall victim to all sorts of foot traffic.

If this sounds like your yard, then you need heavy duty turf that’s resilient all types of human and animal play. Kikuyu could be the perfect solution, offering fantastic resistance and beautiful evergreen colour all year long.

Unlike most soft leaf buffalo varieties, well cared for Kikuyu turf maintains a rich green pigmentation even during the colder months. Thanks to the added value of year-round curb appeal, many choose to plant Kikuyu turf in Sydney.

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Kikuyu Turf Overview

  • Remains green all year long
  • Fast-growing and fast repairing
  • Resistant to weeds
  • Great for high traffic areas, including kid and pet-friendly spaces
  • Affordable
  • May require more frequent cutting due to fast-growing nature


Advantages of Kikuyu Turf

One of the biggest advantages of Kikuyu turf, is its beautiful pigmentation. Because of Australia’s variant climate, many other grass varieties tend to purple during the colder months. Kikuyu, however, maintains a rich evergreen colour year-round, serving as a great investment in your curb appeal.

In addition to its colour, another advantage of kikuyu turf is that you can easily and quickly blend it into your existing grass. Due to its fast-growing nature, Kikuyu turf is able to quickly establish a healthy root system, making it easy to propagate into your lawn. This fast-growing nature also makes Kikuyu extremely resistant to high traffic areas, making it a kid-proof and pet-proof solution for those who want to protect their gardens against all conditions.


Disadvantages of Kikuyu Turf

One of the downsides of choosing a fast-growing turf is that it may require more frequent maintenance to keep it trimmed to a desirable length. However, while mowing your lawn may be a tedious chore, many choose to look past it due to the advantages of fast repair and plush, evergreen pastures.


Is Kikuyu Turf Right for You?

If you’re wondering whether Kikuyu turf is right for you, we can provide an expert consultation to determine whether this type of turf is a good fit for your specific lawn. Many homeowners choose to plant Kikuyu turf in Sydney because of its outstanding value and added curb appeal. If your lawn is subject to heavy foot, or paw, traffic, Kikuyu is probably a great fit for you.


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