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Turf Varieties

We supply a great range of turf grown at our turf farm in Penrith. Our varieties include:

matilda soft leaf buffalo turfmatilda soft leaf buffalo logoMatilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

  • The superior buffalo turf, soft to walk on and non allergic with a rich evergreen colour
  • Good wear resistance requiring little maintenance.
  • A semi dwarf soft leaf buffalo.
  • Tolerating both full sun and part shade (up to 80%).
  • Self repairing if damaged.
  • Outstanding colour retention all year round.
  • A premium soft leaf buffalo which is 100% Australian.
  • A slower growing lawn, with a medium sized leaf blade.
  • A dense thatch giving you an everlasting lush full look all year round.

soft leaf buffaloShademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo

  • A standard buffalo turf in the soft leaf buffalo range.
  • a moderate grower with a medium sized leaf.
  • Hard wearing and non allergic.
  • Low maintenance and shade tolerant up to 80% as well as full sun.
  • Purples in the winter months.
  • Best preference grass for those very shady areas.

kikuyu turfKikuyu

  • A vigorous growing grass, but retains its colour well in winter.
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Commonly used domestically and commercially.
  • Favoured for its vigour and its low price.
  • Best preference grass to suit dogs or any high traffic area.

wintergreen couch turfWintergreen Couch

  • Low maintenance, hardy lawn variety which appears very similar to Green Leas Park Couch but which has a finer leaf and forms a thicker matt.
  • It has a lush green colour and performs well in high traffic areas because of its higher density.
  • Wintergreen is also tolerant of a light to medium shade.
  • It is exceptionally soft, which is a great preference for children’s play areas.


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D & V Turf Supplies are suppliers of quality turf located in the North West boundary of Penrith at Agnes Banks, NSW which is only a short drive from Richmond and Windsor in The Hawkesbury.