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Turf Supply for Homes in Penrith

With everything that a turf lawn has to offer to the home, it is little wonder that so many homeowners are turning to this solution for their residential property’s lawn. Turf lawns offer everything from a soft and plush playing surface, to a natural, green appearance, to drought resistance, shade tolerance, resilience and durability, and more.

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with turf installation! And there truly is no better place to find turf supply for home than here at D&V Turf Supplies, where we make your lawn our first priority!

Turf Lawns: What’s to Love?  

Wondering what all the hype is about turf lawns? Well, here are some of the things our clients rave about:

  • Low Maintenance: With a turf instant lawn, you have no need to worry about whether or not your grass is getting enough water, when you’re going to have to mow it next, and so much more. Once the initial turf installation is complete, until the time comes that you want to replace it, you don’t have to worry about anything at all!
  • Resilient: Our turf lawns are designed to last well for years to come! We know that there is a lot to love about our lawns – and fortunately, you’ll get to enjoy those benefits for a long time.
  • Year-Long Natural Look: With our turf lawns, you can have a green, lush lawn all year round! The high-quality products we use means that your turf will have a natural look like any other lawn on your street – without the effort of maintaining it!
  • Soft: When you see actors in movies lie down in the grass looking serene and relaxed, does that image ever clash with your own reality of laying down on itchy, hard, painful grass? Well, with our soft turf options, that can actually be a reality! Nothing feels as soft underfoot as our high-quality turf options at D&V Turf Supplies.

Your Options

We understand that there isn’t any singular turf option that is best suited to every Australian home. That’s why we have several high-quality options for our clients to choose from, allowing you to make the choice that best serves your lifestyle!

We specialize in the following instant lawns:

  • Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf
  • Kikuyu Turf
  • Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf
  • Wintergreen Couch Turf

Each lawn comes with its own strengths, making it an excellent option for different reasons. By speaking to one of our turf experts here at D&V Turf Supplies about your expectations, you will be guided towards the best option for your home!

Get Started Today!                                                           

To take the first step to getting high-quality turf installed at your home and enjoying all of the benefits that come along with that, get in touch with us today You may submit an inquiry or quote request on our website, or phone us on 02-4776-2761, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to answer all of your questions about residential turf supply.


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