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Turf Maintenance

We’ve got decades of experience supplying beautiful lawns for homes and businesses in the Sydney & Penrith area. Our customers rely on us for expert advice to help them keep their lawn the way it is when we install it – perfect.

Regular turf maintenance improves the health and look of your lawn, promotes growth, and helps your grass survive adverse weather conditions, lawn-damaging weeds, and lawn diseases. A great-looking lawn is a bonus in any situation – it helps your home look beautiful, and your business look professional.

But maintaining that great look needs more than just an occasional mow – you also need to make sure your lawn has the right amount of nutrients and the right amount of water, and you may even need to overseed to help fill in patchy areas during summer.

The right combination of these activities depends on the type of grass, the amount of shade and sunlight the lawn gets, the climate, and the look you want to achieve. When you order from D&V Turf Supplies, we will advise you on the correct care techniques for your new lawn.

Great Lawn Care Starts With The Right Turf Installation

If the turf on your property is unsuitable for your situation, you’ll never achieve a perfect lawn – no matter how good your maintenance is. That’s why we commit to offering the best possible advice to our customers from the moment they contact us. By advising you on the right turf for the conditions in your garden and your intended use, we set you up for continued success.

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Mowing Your Lawn

The most immediate benefit of mowing your lawn is that an even and orderly lawn looks great. However, regular mowing also helps your lawn stay healthy by removing debris from your lawn (such as stray leaves) and cutting down the height of your grass so that every blade is receiving equal amounts of sunlight.

Our top mowing tips:

  • Your new lawn will need mowing 10 – 14 days after installation.
  • You should mow your lawn every 5-7 days after that.
  • Cut no more than a third off at once.
  • Aim to keep your lawn around 2-3 inches tall.
  • Regularly re-sharpen your mower blades to achieve a clean cut.
  • For best results, avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet.

Fertilising Your Lawn

Fertilising your lawn helps provide it with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy, strong, and beautiful. The right fertiliser for your lawn will depend upon the species of grass you’ve chosen and your soil type – our expert turf installer will be happy to advise you what is the right choice for you.

Our top fertilising tips:

  • Apply a starter fertiliser to the soil before your new turf is planted.
  • Different lawn fertilisers work in different ways – always follow the instructions provided with your chosen brand.
  • Use a lawn spreader for even coverage.

Watering Your Lawn

A healthy lawn requires plenty of water – something that the Australian environment doesn’t always provide enough of, and you will probably need to water your lawn to keep it in good condition. It’s important you use best practice to ensure your grass stays healthy and you don’t waste water (especially keeping in mind any water restrictions in your area).

Our top watering tips:

  • Your new lawn requires an inch of water within 30 minutes of installation.
  • Water your new lawn every day until it is rooted in.
  • After that, water once or twice a week as required.
  • Water in the morning to maximise uptake and minimise evaporation.
  • Never water at night as plants take up much less water at these times.
  • Use a wetting agent if needed.


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