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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve answered top queries about Turf Varieties in Penrith & Sydney

Lawn Mower on TurfWhich grass needs less mowing?

  • Buffalo varieties are not as vigorous as the Kikuyu.
  • Couch varieties are also a medium grower.

What is the best grass for shady areas?

Which grass needs less maintenance?

Which grass is the softest?

  • The Matilda Soft leaf buffalo has a smooth textured leaf blade on both sides allowing you to enjoy your lawn.
  • The couch varieties are also very soft because of their fine leaf and their density.

Outdoor Furniture set on TurfWhich grass is best for entertaining and my children to play on?

  • Matilda is a hard wearing, soft lawn with its inviting texture it is the perfect play and entertaining area for both adults and children.
  • Kikuyu is also pleasant to play on and also handles the wear and tear.
  • A couch variety will cope with the wear and tear and is very soft to touch.

Which grass can handle dampness?

  • Most grass types prefer well-drained areas, but a couch variety would handle it best.

Dogs playing on TurfWhich type of grass is best for dogs?

  • Kikuyu is the most tolerant of such conditions but requires full sun.

Can turf be planted in winter?

  • Yes, however growth slows down in winter so establishing your lawn will be slower and less water is required. Frost (from late May until late September) can affect the top of the leaf causing discolouration. The frost affected turf greens up as soon as the frost stops and new growth starts. So as spring comes you simply mow the burnt leaf off, leaving you with an already established and green lawn. Prices are fairly reasonable, depending on supply and demand.

When is the best time to plant turf?

  • Spring is a good time to plant turf as the weather warms up and everything starts to grow. The price always tends to be more expensive this time of year as availability is lower after winter.
  • Summer is also a good time of the year to plant turf, but a lot more water is needed to stop the grass from drying out. Without careful attention to watering your turf may die. , Prices are at their lowest as this is our main growing season.
  • Autumn is a good time to plant turf, just before the cold sets in. Your lawn has time to establish and watering can be done at ease. Prices are still very reasonable at this time of year.